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The Trip Sidebar has changed!

There's a lot more information that is now immediately viewable from the trip sidebar without needing to go fully into the builder!

You can now add clients to a trip, send trip invites, update trip settings and more, right from your list of trips. Read below for more information on how to use the trip sidebar features to help plan and manage your trips in Travefy!

Here's a full list of what can be done via the new expanded trip sidebar:

What else has changed?

Proposals in your list of trips have also changed, but only in appearance!

A trip that is a Proposal will have a lightbulb over the photo icon on the left, shown here.

When the trip is approved, this will change to a green check-mark, as shown here.

The Trip Menu

If you are wanting to:

  • Change a trip's name

  • Change a trip's Visibility

  • Change a trip's Branding Profile

  • Change a trip's Platform

  • Enable/Disable Trip Feedback

  • Enabling/Disabling Messaging

  • Client Actions

  • Agent Actions

Just click on the name of the trip!

This will open a small menu, allowing you to change the settings listed above.

Changing a Trip's Owner

To change a trip's owner, just click on the name of the owner and select the team member you are assigning.

Changing a Trip from Proposal to Itinerary(and vice versa)

To change a trip from a Proposal to an itinerary, just click on the trip Type as shown below.

Changing a Trip's Status

To change a trips Status, just click on the trip Status as shown below, and select the status.

Trip Activity

The Trip Activity tab in the sidebar is a way to see:

  • Tasks

  • Comments / Chats

  • Trip Invite Status

  • Proposal Approvals

  • Trip Feedback responses from travelers

When you have the All Activity Filter selected, all activity will show.

You can also filter shown activity by

  • Tasks

  • Comments

  • Invites

  • Proposal Approvals

  • Feedback

Additional Tabs

Other tabs allow you to manage other features of the itinerary.


The Task tab allows you to create new tasks, or check off completed tasks!


The Chat tab allows you to use the Discussion feature to send messages to clients without having to go into the trip builder!


The People tab allows you to add and remove travelers from the trip, send trip invites, and manage collaborators.


This tab allows you to view Trip Feedback Responses.

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