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Clients are Having Problems Signing into the Trip Plans App (Trouble Shooting Guide)
Clients are Having Problems Signing into the Trip Plans App (Trouble Shooting Guide)

Learn more about ways to solve common issues clients may have signing into the Trip Plans app.

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If your clients are having issues signing into the Trip Plans app, try these steps to help them get signed in:

1. Creating an Account with Trip Plans:

If your client has never created an account with the Trip Plans app, they may do so to save their trip to their account or access the chat messaging. Please note that clients are not required to create an account to view their itinerary.

If they are creating an account, here are requirements and tips for their password:

  • Passwords must be 10+ characters long.

  • Passwords may not contain words or elements of their email address

  • Passwords may not be from a list of common or known compromised passwords (e.g. 12345).

2. Sign In vs Sign Up

Many clients may accidentally try to use the "Sign Up" screen instead of the "Sign In" screen on the app.

Clients can tap the "Already have an account? Sign In" option to move to the sign in window:

4. Double check the client email address

If your client still has issues signing in, have them double check the email address that they are signing in with to ensure they are signing in with the correct email address they originally created their free client account with on Travefy.

Many times clients have multiple email addresses and might forget what email address they originally used with the Trip Plans app.

5. Resetting Client Passwords

Lastly, clients can use the Forgot your password option to reset their password and sign into the mobile app.

Still having issues helping your clients access the Trip Plans app?

Email or use the live chat in your Travefy account to get more help.

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