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Getting Started with the ALG Vacations® (ALGV) Integration
Getting Started with the ALG Vacations® (ALGV) Integration

Connect your Travefy account with your ALGV affiliated agency account to import bookings from the ALGV family of brands.

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Travefy is thrilled to offer an integration with ALG Vacations (ALGV) and the amazing ALGV family of brands.

Watch a Quick Demo and Overview

How to Activate the integration with Travefy and ALGV

Step 1: Request and Complete the ALG Vacations Data Sharing Agreement

Note: Once the form has been completed, an ALGV team representative will be in touch with your agency owner or host agency within 7-10 business days.

The integration with ALGV and Travefy must be requested and activated at the agency level (an individual agent/IC cannot activate the integration first.) The agency owner or manager must complete the ALGV data sharing agreement before ALGV will authorize their agency accounts to access the Travefy integration.

After you fill out the form with the button above, Travefy will share your request with ALGV. An ALGV representative will then contact your agency owner/manager with instructions to complete the ALGV data sharing agreement. Once the data sharing agreement is completed and on file with ALGV, the ALGV team will authorize your agency's access to the Travefy/ALGV integration.

Important: The data sharing agreement must be completed by your agency/host or you will not be able to access the integration.

As a first step, please request the data sharing agreement for your agency by filling out the form below. Once the form has been completed, an ALGV team representative will be in touch with your agency owner or host agency within 7-10 business days.

Please click the button below to complete the form:

Step 2: Activating the ALGV Integration in your Travefy account

Go to your Account > Linked Accounts page in your Travefy account and click to toggle "on" the ALG Vacations integration. If prompted, enter your agency VAX ID.

Step 3: Importing Bookings

Next create a new proposal or itinerary in Travefy, then choose New Event > Booking and choose one of the affiliated ALG Vacations brands to import from:

You will be prompted to enter your agency's VAX ID the first time you import from each brand. Your VAX ID number will then be stored in your account for future imports from that specific ALG Vacations brand.

Enter your booking number for the booking you would like to import from the respective ALG Vacations brand.

All connected travel information and booking details will be imported from the ALG Vacations system into your Travefy itinerary.

Integration Notes:

  • To import a booking from VAX / ALGV's system, a booking number ("Res number") must be generated. A booking can have no payment, full payment or partial payment, but it must have a reservation number.

  • Types of bookings that are unable to be imported:

    • Any booking with multiple rooms

    • Any type of multi-room booking

    • Any type of multi-tab booking with multiple rooms or multiple destinations

    • Any type of multi-destination / multi-stop booking

  • Quotes can be imported if a booking number is generated

  • Bookings with a reservation number and Group child booking can be imported


Reach out to Travefy's support team via the live chat in your account (or email

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