The 'Collapse' Button

What does the 'Collapse' button do?

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The Collapse button in your itineraries can provide you with a more compact view of the events within your itinerary and to quickly bulk edit events and days.

You can find the Collapse button in your itinerary at the top of a day, next to the +New Event button.

When clicked, the view of your events in the itinerary will change from the standard view:

To a more compact view:

The Collapse button also allows you to make changes to events in bulk. Changes such as:

  • Save Items to Library

  • Save Items to Library as Multi-Event (aka Day)

  • Duplicate Items

  • Tag Individual People (for group itineraries)

  • Delete Items

To get started, just follow these steps!

1. Click Collapse

2. Select the items you want to make the changes to

A checkbox will appear in the corner of the events. Check that box to make your selection.

3. Click the Ellipses

This will bring up the available options.

4. Select the change you want to make

5. Click Done

And you're good to go!

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