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The Triib Kiosk is the first greeting screen visitors or new and current members will see when they enter your gym. The Triib Kiosk can handle class check-ins, membership and attendance pack sign-ups, visitor drop-ins, store purchases, waiver signatures, etc. These can be done one at a time or all at once!

Setting Up your Kiosk

If you decide you want to use a Kiosk in your gym, the process of getting it set up is easy!

  • Using a desktop/laptop or tablet, open up your internet browser (we recommend Google Chrome for optimizing our Kiosk).

  • Open your Triib Admin Dashboard and go to Triib Settings > Triib URLs > click on the very first URL that says Kiosk.  (do not use Old Kiosk)

  • When you click on this URL a new tab will open with your Kiosk Screen. This screen will automatically populate with the following options: Class Check-In, Join, Shop, Drop-In, Quick Waiver, and More Info.

  • We recommend saving the Kiosk Page for easy finding everyday when you open

  • First - Bookmark the page.

  • Second - Right-click on the 3 vertical dots then click on Settings > Appearance and Show home button. Copy the Kiosk URL and add the Kiosk URL. When you open a new page, click the home button that will appear left of the URL Bar.

  • Third - Right-click on the 3 vertical dots then click on Settings > On Start Up > Add a new page and add the Kiosk URL.

NOTE: If you are using the kiosk and Triib Admin site on the same computer, note that you will be logged out of the Admin Dashboard every time you toggle to the kiosk. This is put in place as a security measure so a member cannot accidentally access your Triib Admin Site.

Kiosk Security:

  • We do not recommend using the Kiosk URL anywhere except for in-house. Do not send this URL in emails or post on your website.

  • Set a Kiosk Pin. This pin only needs to be entered once upon initial login for the day; however, is a critical step in ensuring that your Kiosk and Purchasing is safe. Should someone get the Kiosk URL > they are unable to access the kiosk without the pin. This is for your security.

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