Creating Email Templates
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There are a few email templates in Triib that are auto-populated or pre-filled, such as the Welcome Email. Others, such as Payment Alerts, aren't auto-populated so you have to write in your own Message using variables. This article will cover how to use variables and how to test your emails before sending them to your members.

Using Variables

Variables make it easy to auto-fill information so you don't have to manually add every person's name, membership, etc. Simply copy and paste the variable you want over into your Message and that particular information will auto-populate based upon who you're sending it to! Learn More about Variables.ย 

Example: Hi #{{ first_name }}, Thank you for signing up for #{{ affiliate_name }}!

Hi Kieran, Thank you for signing up for Fitness Elite!

Sending a Test Email

You can also send yourself a test email to see what your message will look like for your members. This way you can be sure everything looks exactly how you want it before it actually is sent to your members!

Just type in the test email you want to send the message to and hit send. Easy as that!

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