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How to Auto-Populate Information in Emails
How to Auto-Populate Information in Emails

a listing of variables that can be used in emails to generate information

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Copy and paste one of the below variables into an email template for when composing an email, app message or text to auto-populate information when sending communications. 

What is a variable?  An example of a variable is {{ first_name }} which will automatically enter the member's first name when the message is sent.

Variable:                                     Description:
{{ affiliate_name }}                      Gym Name
{{ affiliate_login_page }}            Your gym account login page
{{ first_name }}                            Member's First Name
{{ last_name }}                             Member's Last Name
{{ email }}                                     Member's Email Address
{{ member_sign_waiver_url }}   A direct link to the member signature page for a                                                                member to sign their waiver form.
{{ invoice_amount }}                   Invoice Amount
{{ invoice_payment_date }}       Invoice Payment Date
{{ class_name }}                         The name of a class someone is or has attended
{{ class_date }}                           The date of a class someone is or has attended
{{ class_start_time }}                  The time of a class someone is or has attended
{{ pack_name }}                          The name of a pack the member used and/or                                                                      purchased
{{ pack_signup_link }}                The online signup link of the pack (must be configured                                                      for online pack signup as well as an active package
{{ pack_number_in_pack }}       The number of attendances/punches originally                                                                    purchased on a member's package
{{ pack_number_remaining }}    The number of remaining attendances/punches on a                                                         member's package
{{ pack_exp_date }}                    The pack expiration date, if the package has                                                                      expiration dates.
{{ attendance_pack_* }}             Can be used for attendance pack or appointment pack

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