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How to Set a Member to be paid for by Another Member
How to Set a Member to be paid for by Another Member
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You can set a member to be paid for by another member when first adding the plan to a member or you can modify it later. Let's take a look at how to do both:

When setting up a plan for the first time:

  • Navigate to the payee's account > Add Plan > check off the box next to "is this member paid for by another member?" > enter the member being paid for's name:

  • All invoices will populate on the PAYEE’S account. You also will be able to confirm the plan is being paid for by another member on both user profiles.

How it appears on the Payee's account:

1- The member whose account is being paid by another member will appear like this:


2- The paying members account will show this information in multiple areas:


To Modify/Set Who is Paying for a Member's Account after the plan has been set up:

  1. From the admin dashboard; go to the member's account who will be paid for by another member.

  2. Select Modify:


Lastly, you will complete the following information requested: Note this will only impact unpaid billing periods!


There are several benefits to having the ability to allow members to be paid for by other members:

1. Saves on transaction fees!

  • Any member’s invoice that is “Paid for by another member” will populate and process on the same invoice if the billing dates are the same. This means a husband and a wife will cost the gym a transaction fee of .30 cents each month vs .60 cents.

2. Not requiring a credit card to be kept on a child’s account.

Pro Tip: Prior to connecting the accounts it is helpful to set up the paying members account first and confirm the billing of the paying member.

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