The Triib Staff list page got an overhaul for our Appointments update!

On the View Staff feature, you'll have detailed information, on everything about any and all members of your staff!


You can now filter to see only Admin, Staff, Active Coaches or Inactive Coaches!

Initially, you see the high-level information about the coach and their contact information, inthe top right corner though "Show All Detail Info" to expand the view to look something like this below:


The image above will give you all the nitty-gritty you'll need to see what your staff or coach is getting paid per class, what access they have to your Triib system as well as their Appointments if you'd like to book or manage their sessions.

Take this a step further, click the "Manage Staff Member" button to customize their access or edit their information which will bring you to this screen.


If you'd like to Edit the Staff Info you'll see a revamped option screen, like the one below.

Key addition here is that if they are are not an admin they can no longer log in and enable Admin access to themselves, only current admins can enable this for other staff members!


If you want to see your staff's calendar, it will show a combination of classes and appointments all under one roof!


Lastly, the update to the Staff Info is the editing Staff Restrictions screen got a small update and will not display as such, making it a bit more clear to enabled disable the options you wish that staff member to have!

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