With Triib Appointments, its easier than ever to schedule personal training, physical therapy, acupuncture, a massage chair or anything in between! We've overhauled our Personal Training feature to be more robust, customizable and more intuitive than ever before, so it only felt right to now call it Triib Appointments.

For this overview, we'll keep it pretty high level, but if you want to know exactly how to set all of these features up, no worries! All the information you'll need can be found at the bottom of the page! Want to skip right to the good stuff? CLICK HERE

The first change you'll see? The Staff List - gone are the days of a boring table and now has a fresh modern feel!


As you can see, now updating and customizing your staff profiles is even easier and more modern than ever! The appointment sign up page gets a fresh overhaul too, now giving you tons of customization options for your Appointment sign up pages!


Below we'll touch base on a couple of other high-level changes that were updated as well!

Scheduling! Who has time for clicking when setting up your personal calendar? We didn't and bet you don't either! Now when you're setting up your staff's availability, just click their name, drag and drop it to the desired day and then drag/collapse it until it's just right. A small change but saves your roughly 10 million minutes and clicks a year (I'm not good at math but that seems to check out).

Sessions and Durations! Now with the new Appointment features, you can set packs to include a number of sessions, as well as durations, so maybe you offer a 5 pack, that pay your coaches 50% of the rate or a 15 pack that pays your coaches 100%, now you can and it's even easier to not only make those but you can also book them for your coaches and clients!

Reporting! As we mentioned near the top of this article, Appointment Packs will be the overarching new name for Personal Training. When you are creating your different type of Appointment Packs, we cleaned up reporting for them as well! Now on reporting instead of it being jumbled into Personal Training, you'll see the revenue from each of these Appointment Types so you know exactly where and when your money is coming from! (Because why offer a service if your clients aren't using it?)

Please note Personal Training Packs, are no longer an option inside of Triib, they are now an Appointment Pack, with a subtype of a Personal Training Pack. Everything will now be an Appointment Pack, and you get to choose the subtype that fits it best! We didn't want to limit Appointments to just personal training, so in order to expand the capabilities, this name change needed to be made.

Curious on how to set this all set up inside of your system? Check out the link below to get started!

Using Triib Appointments!

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