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Purchasing Attendance Packs
Purchasing Attendance Packs
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Attendance Packs can be purchased 3 different ways:

  1. Admin checkout in the Store

  2. Member checkout on the Kiosk

  3. Member checkout online

Admin Checkout

As an admin on Triib, you have the ability to purchase attendance packs for members and visitors. To do this go to your Triib Dashboard > Scroll down to Store > View your Store and Add the Attendance Pack the member wants to purchase.

After hitting Add, you'll see the Attendance Pack pop over to the right side of the page in your Cart > click Check Out > you'll be directed to another page


Scrolling down this page, you'll see an option for Charge Member > there will be a search bar for Affiliate Member > Search the member you want to checkout the attendance pack for

You then have two options to checkout the member: Member Paid Cash or Add to Monthly Invoice. Once you've selected an option, the purchase will be made and they will have the attendance pack on their profile!

If you want to checkout a visitor, on the right hand side you'll see Charge Visitor / Credit Card where you can put in their name and card information.


Kiosk Checkout

Visitors and members can purchase attendance packs on the Kiosk, if your gym uses the Kiosk. This process is straightforward:

Member/Visitor goes to the Kiosk > Clicks Join > Goes to Attendance Packs > Selects which one they want to purchase


Attendance Pack goes into their Shopping Cart on the right hand side of the page > Hit Pay > they'll be re-directed to the checkout page where they will be asked to checkout as a Visitor a Member

Visitors will enter their information, be asked to sign your Liability Waiver , and choose their payment method. Members will click on Existing Member > Search for their name > enter their Kiosk Pin > and can choose between paying now or Adding it to their Monthly Invoice

Online Checkout

If you enable an attendance pack to be sold online, members and visitors/new members can use your Member Sign Up page to purchase attendance packs. This sign up page can be found under Triib Settings > Triib URLs > Member Sign Up Page.

If you use Triib Premium, you can choose to display this Member Sign Up page on your Premium website. Non-premium users can also use this page, but they will have to take the URL and embed it into their own website.

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