If you want to use the blog feature, the process is broken down into two steps in this article:

  1. Enabling your Blog

  2. Posting on your Blog page

Enabling your Blog

To enable your blog, go to Triib Settings > Online Settings > Blog Set Up. Once you've done this, follow these steps:

Enable workout blog

Is your blog public?

  • Check this checkbox if you wish your blog to be visible to anyone, not just logged in users.

Show Workout Info As Blog Tease

  • Show the workout information versus blog post info as tease on blog list page


Posting on your Blog

If you checked off Show Workout Info As a Blog Tease in the previous step, then a daily workout preview of your programming will automatically populate to your blog page. If you leave this unchecked and want to post your own blogs, here are the steps to do so:

  • Go to Coaches Corner > Blog

  • From here you can type out a blog post and upload a main image to go along with your post!

  • You also have the ability to select the date you want a post to appear on your site, as well as see a preview of the post at the bottom of the page.


Once you've followed the above steps, your blog post will be uploaded on the date chosen for your members OR the general public to view!

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