If you have parents at your gym who want to connect their children's profile/membership to their own, this article will lay out in detail how to do so! In Triib, a parent has the option of:

  1. Paying for their child's plan

  2. Linking their child's plan to their profile

  3. By doing the above, they can also check in/schedule their children for class

By linking a children's account to their parents, it allows for the parent to pay for the child as well register them for classes!

Creating a Child's Profile & Payment Preferences

Start by creating a profile for the child and add a membership plan to their account.

  • Do this by going to the child's profile and clicking Add Membership Plan on the right side of the page

  • Select the membership you'd like to add and underneath you'll see a checkbox that says Is this member paid for by another member?. Check this box and you'll be prompted to select the member who is paying for the child's membership


If you've already created a child's profile and added a plan, you can still modify their plan so a parent is paying for the membership!

1. Go onto the child's profile and click Modify under their membership plan.

2. When the dropdown menu appears, select Member is Paid for By and choose who you want to pay for this child's membership plan (presumably the parent).


Now, the child's membership is paid for by the parent!

If you want the parent to pay for a child's Attendance Pack, follow these steps:

  1. Charge the Attendance Pack to the parent's account

  2. Go onto the parent's profile and scroll to the right side where their Attendance Pack is

  3. Click Transfer > Look up the child who you want to transfer the pack to > Save changes

  4. Now the child has access to classes via the pack, but the parent is still paying for it!

For more info about this, please visit How to set up a member to be paid for by another member.

Linking children and parent accounts

To link a child to their parents account, go to the parent's profile and scroll down to "add children." If the child has a profile on file, you can search their name and add them as a child to the parent's profile.

Doing this automatically populates the child's profile with their parent's email!

Registering Children for Class

Once you've done the previous steps, the parent now has the ability to RSVP their child for a class via the schedule on the gym website. Currently, that is the only place they can RSVP the child.

Once these steps have been completed, the child and parent accounts are connected. You would follow these same steps for any additional child being linked to their parent.

Messaging Parents

You can also create custom groups, making it easier to send out messages to the masses, and prevents you from having to manually look members up. You can easily set this up for the parents at your gym following these steps:

  1. Go to Members > Member Groups > Create Custom Member Group

  2. Name the Group > Scroll down to Special Groups on the right side of the page > Check off Parents - members who have children

  3. You've now created a Custom Group for the Parents at your gym! Anytime you connect a child to their parent's account in Triib, this group will automatically update for you.



  • Can I use the app to register my child for a class?

No, right now in order to register your child for a class you have to be signed into your gyms website > go to the schedule > RSVP for a class here!

  • How do I register my child for a class?

To register a child for class, you must be logged into your Triib profile and be on the gym's schedule. From there, click on the class you wish to RSVP your child to > your name and their name will both appear as RSVP options > select your child and they will be RSVPd for that class!

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