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Our payment processing has no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no batch processing fees, and no monthly minimums! In this article, we will break down for you all of the fees and how using Triib can save you money! 

For International Processing questions, please send us an email or live chat.

For 🇱🇷 U.S. Processing:

U.S. Credit & debit cards:

You don't pay anything for failed payments!

Transaction Fees: 2.9% and .30 per transaction

Processing Time: minimum of 2 business days

Dispute Fees: $15 per dispute


ACH Direct Debit: (available U.S. Only)

Transaction Fees: 1.5% and .30 per transaction

Failed Payment Fees: $1.25 each

Processing Time: minimum of 5 business days

Dispute Fees: $15 per dispute


Are the fees charged on Subtotal or Total Invoice Amount? 

The % transactions fees for Credit / Debit Cards and ACH Direct Debit are charged on the Total Invoice Amount. This means that if the subtotal is $100 and the tax is $6.25. The total charged is $106.25 and fees are charged on the $106.25. 


What happens when a member is refunded?

The fees are returned to you! Refunds take a minimum of 3-10 days to process. Don't know how to process a refund? Click here to learn more about refunds: Issuing a Refund


What happens when a member disputes a charge?

When a member disputes a charge, the bank immediately withdraws the amount from your Stripe account to refund the customer. If your Stripe account balance is less than the amount to refund, the funds will be pulled from the bank account you have linked to Stripe.

In the event a dispute is lost or not fought, the funds remain withdrawn from your account and you will be charged the $15 dispute fee.

To learn more about disputed charges, click here:  How to Fight a Disputed Charge

How can I save money on transaction fees with Triib?

Triib offers a unique option allowing you to bundle your member's invoices together!  When a member makes a purchase in the store, you can add that invoice to their monthly invoice and charge them all at once and save money on transaction fees. 

A few key parts that must be set up first:

* Member must have a credit card or bank account on file. 

* For cash only paying members, you will need to adjust your Triib Settings to allow monthly invoices without a credit card on file.  Triib Settings > Edit Affiliate Info > 

Take a look at the video below to learn how to add products to a monthly invoice!

  • You can add as many products to the invoice in a month as you would like. 

  • All transactions will be charged to their credit card / ACH on the due date of the invoice. 

  • If a member has 10 transactions in a month, you will get charged only 1 transaction fee of $0.30 saving you $2.7!  

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