How to Fight a Dispute

How do I submit evidence to fight a chargeback dispute?

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So, you had a member dispute a payment. What do you do next?

First, check out these articles for some background info:

You have TWO options:

  1. Submit evidence to the bank to fight the dispute and prove the payment's validity, in hopes of returning the disputed funds to your account.

  2. Don't submit evidence and accept the dispute as well as the $15 dispute fee.

Submitting Evidence

*All evidence is submitted by the Triib Support team. Please send all files in ONE email to when you are ready to submit.

What to gather:

  1. Membership Contracts: a signed document that will help the bank see that the customer agreed to pay for a certain time frame/rate.  

  2. Your Waiver: this is a document that every member is required to sign and agree to. If you add your cancellation/refund policy into the waiver, submitting this signed document as evidence is a great start.

  3. Customer communication: if you have an email thread with this customer regarding the cancellation, screenshot it and send it over. Any sign that your customer is aware of the charge/policy tells the bank that yes, they did know about the charge. 

Overall we know this isn't an ideal situation but with proper prevention its an easy resolution. It typically takes up to 90 days to hear back about the final decision. Gather it all up, send it over, and we'll submit the information ASAP. 

How to compile and send:

Stripe only accepts PNG or PDF files.

  1. Download all files and screenshots to your computer.

  2. Organize them in a folder titled my-gym-membername-dispute

  3. Email the file to

How is the decision made?
Triib has no control in the dispute process. We will submit the evidence to Stripe who will communicate with the bank.  The decision is ultimately made by the bank. 

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