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Adding a Membership Plan to a Member
Adding a Membership Plan to a Member
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To start, search for the member and go to their profile. Now you have 2 options: 

1 - Quick Set Up
2 - Custom Set Up


1.) Under the main profile member screen, Click the 'Add Plan' Button 

2.) Select the plan, start date, and any relevant discount you want to apply.

4.) Click 'Skip to Plan Review' button

  • We highly recommend always reviewing the PLAN DETAILS before adding a plan to ensure it is setup as expected. If further modifications are needed, simply click RETURN TO PLAN SETUP and repeat.



1.) Select Member Plan, Billing Start Date
2. Optional: Discount
3. Optional: Who's the member paid by. Type the member who will be paying for the plan
4. Optional: Plans that are not 'autorenewing' will have an end date automatically set. You can manually set a new plan end date here as well as delay the first payment amount to a different date.
5. Optional: On the Additional Plan Page you can include another plan to add on the member's account here.

  • An individual member can now have multiple memberships within Triib, however only 2 plans can be set at one time.

6. Optional:  On the Setup Fee Page, you may set up a one-time set-up or initiation fee. This might have already been set up under the membership plan and therefore might be pre-populated in here.
7. Review & Approve the plan by clicking 'Save Plan' to complete the process.

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