Members go on vacation, get sick or can even get hurt. But they still want to access the gym when they return. The best thing to do is place their account on hold for the duration of their absence.

Head to their member profile and click the Modify button on their membership plan:

From the new screen, in the dropdown, select Add Hold: 

Enter in the dates you'd like to see the hold take place, and the reason for the hold:

Once you save the hold, you'll be brought back to the main profile page where you'll see the hold is now in place under their membership plan: 

Hold FAQS:
What if I want to end the hold early?
Holds can be changed or ended at any time! Just click the modify button and change the end date of the hold to end the hold before the original end date.

What if I need to change or extend the hold?
Holds can be extended at any time! Just click the modify, and change the end date of the hold to push out the end date and keep your members account on hold!

What happens if I remove the hold?
If you remove the hold, the system will try to act like the hold never took place and re-create the full price invoices that might have been covered during the hold. You should only remove the hold if you want to charge the member full price.

What about prorations?
Triib will prorate the payments if the hold carries over to the next payment. But it will not retroactively refund the member if they are going on hold for a time they have already paid for. The invoice period must be unpaid in order for the proration to take effect.

Do holds extend into the next term payment?
Holds do not carry over to the next term payment, if you'd like to carry over to the next term payment, you'd need to modify that plan as well.

Can I put everyone on hold at once?
Please email with your requested dates of the hold for every member in your gym and we can put that into place for you!

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