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Key ways Triib helps you communicate with your members

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Triib offers 4 key to communicate with your members. We can help you reach your members in a variety of ways, regardless of how they prefer to interact with your system!

Mobile App Announcements:

Everyone is on their phone, and what better way to see it right inside the mobile app! If you set up a workout section as "Not Scored" it'll appear as note inside the app, and it'll display like when your members load the app! 

Text Messaging:

Send a one off text to members, great for quick and instant delivery!
Head over to Messaging -> Compose Text Messages and you'll see a large text field to enter your message!

By default, the system will auto select all members, coach, staff and admins if they have opted in to receive text messages (Member profile -> Settings -> Text Messaging)


The most robust and customizable communication option inside of Triib. You can email certain members based on their plans/packs or status (active, on hold, overdue payments, etc), if they signed up for an event, or you can create custom member groups for hyper targeted emails!

You can also create email templates so you can quickly re-use content or re-send messages to members!

Blog Posts:

This is a great way to deliver true marketing content to your members, it can also double as a workout blog! (Triib Settings -> Online Settings -> Enable Blog)

Anytime you want to enter a new blog post head over to Coaches Corner -> Blog to get started!

Did you know you can also use blog posts for challenges as well?!

You can also time the blog post to to send at specific times and days!

Once you get save the blog post and it posted (at your desired time) it will appear on your challenges public page! 

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