Want a message to appear in your member's Triib App? Sending notifications to your member's via the Mobile App can be easily sent to group(s) or individual(s), attendees in future or past classes or a custom group. 

Only members who have installed and used the mobile app will appear in the results when sending the message. 

Step 1: Go to Triib Messaging and Click on Compose APP Message
Step 2: Enter APP Message Subject.
35 character limit.
Step 3: Enter APP Message.
2000 character limit.
An APP Message subject and/or Message are required to send an app                         message. If both are blank, no message will be sent.
Step 3:
Select group(s) or add an individual(s) that you would like to send your message to. You can manually add member(s) by using the member look up.  Type in the member name in the blank white space and then select the member.
Step 4: Once your channel messages are ready, click on “Send”. 

How can I send to multiple groups?  To send to multiple groups, click the + and then check the box of the groups you'd like to send messages to. You can click as many boxes as your'd like.
What if a member isn't receiving my notifications? All active members will receive your messages; however, a member can turn off notifications in the mobile app.
Where does the message appear in the mobile app? It can be found under messaging in the Mobile App. When a member has a new message, the bell will appear in the top right corner alerting them of all messages. 

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