Integrating Triib Online URLs

Learn how to add Triib URLs to your website using WordPress

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What are Triib URLs? The Triib URLs are public URLs and can easily be embedded as a custom URL Tab or button on a webpage. If you are unsure how to embed or integrate the Triib URLs or Schedule Code, we recommend having a web developer add them to your website for you. We do not recommend adding the kiosk or TV leaderboard URLs to your website.

How to Add a Custom URL Link Menu Tab using WordPress:

  • In your dashboard, click on Appearance and Add Custom Link Menu Item. You'll need the Triib URL and the text (menu tab wording).

  • You can drag and drop the new menu item to the desired place you want it to appear on your menu.


How to Add Link Buttons in WordPress:

  • Click the (+) icon to create a new block. Select ‘Button’ from the ‘Layout Elements’ options, or simply search for the Button block.

  • You can type the text for your button by clicking in the colored area. Enter the URL that the button should go to in the ‘Link’ box.

  • You can make more changes to how the button looks in the block options on the right-hand side of your screen. For instance, you might want to change the color or add a wider border.


Links that you may want to add to your website:

  • Sell Gift Certificate Link

  • Free Trial Sign-Up Link

  • Drop In Online Signup Link

  • On Ramp Sign-Up Link

  • Member Signup Pages. (Learn more about customizations)

  • Contact Link (Learn more about customizations)

  • Public Schedule Link

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