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How to Send Missing Waiver Reminders

View Missing Waivers and Send Signature Reminders

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In your Triib admin site, you can send an email reminding your members who have missed the waiver signature to complete their signature.

If you're not sure who hasn't signed your waiver yet, no problem. By going to Reports> Members> Missing Waivers, you can view all of your members who haven't signed the waiver yet!

First, you'll need to Create a Missing Waiver email template.

Step 1: Click on Messaging > Email Templates > Member Specific

Step 2: Under Missing Waiver, Click Create Template

Step 3: Modify any text in the email and click save email template

The Missing Waivers email is sent through the Missing Waivers Report. To access this report, navigate to Reports > Members > Missing Waivers.

Select the blue Review and Send Email to Members button.

On this Compose Email page, the Missing Waiver Form template will be automatically selected. At the bottom of the page, the members selected to receive the email will be automatically populated with those members who have not signed a waiver.

Hit Send.

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