For a staff member to be considered an active coach in Triib, they must be given coach level access when adding their profile. Admins can make a member an active coach when creating the user, or by editing an existing user.

To add a coach into the system from scratch:

  • Select the Members menu in the left bar of the admin site > Add New Member > fill out the information, making sure to select the "Is Admin?", "Is Coach?" and/or "Is Staff?" checkboxes as appropriate > select + Add Member at the bottom of the page.

To make an existing member a coach:

  • Search for the name in the search bar at the top of your admin site and open the member's profile page > select Edit Member Information in the General Information box > scroll down and check the appropriate boxes - "Is Staff", "Is coach", and/or "Is admin" > scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.

Once "is Coach?" is checked off, the coach is automatically considered an active coach (meaning their name will appear on the public coaching list), however, you can always adjust this setting by navigating to:

Staff > View Staff > Manage Staff Member > Edit Staff Info > Coach / Online Information

Under this section you can:

  • Select if this member is a coach at your Affiliate

  • Mark if they are an active coach

  • Set if you would like for them to display on Public Staff/Team Page (for premium)

  • Enter their standard pay rate per class

To make an existing staff member a coach or deactivate a coach:

  • Go to Staff > View Staff > Manage Staff Member > Edit Staff Info > Select the following:

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