The newly joined report is a collective report showing all members who have been added to your platform through the various sign-up methods (online memberships, drop-in, free trial, etc) within the last 90 days. This report makes it easy for an admin to determine if all recent visits from a prospective client have been taken care of.

For example, A member signs up for a Free Trial Class; with this report, the admin is able to see if that Free Trial signed up for personal training sessions or a membership following their trial with the gym. If no additional pack or membership is attached then a process can be developed and followed by the gym to increase the retention rate of your trials.


Clients can be "Moved to Completed” when there is no further follow up needed or after 90 days, Triib will automatically move these clients over to completed.

You are always able to see “Previously Handled Members”. This is located in the top right-hand corner of the report.

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