The coaching schedule allows for you to display which staff members are coaching each class. It is also connected to your payroll reporting (Income Reports > Coached Classes (Payroll)).

If a staff member is given coach level access, then they will appear on your schedule creation page (Schedule/Classes > View Schedule), allowing you to set them as a coach for a class.

There are two ways to set a coach for a class:

1. Schedule/Classes > View Schedule > select the class > Check off Coach Name

  • This only effects this specific class and will not be applied to future classes.

2. Schedule/Classes > View Schedule > select the class > Edit Class > Add Coach Name Under "Who are the coaches for this class" > check off the box next to "Update All Future Classes At This Day and Time?"

  • This option allows you to select the coach for this class and all future classes at this day and time.

Coaches on the class schedule will be displayed publicly on the schedule urls (TRIIB Settings > TRIIB URLs), as well as the mobile app:

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