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What to Expect Competition Day
What to Expect Competition Day
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The day of competitions can be pretty hectic, so we've outlined a few tips and tricks to help you run your event smoothly!

First off, we recommend downloading and printing the athlete list to be used for member check-in.

Next, let's get your event one Heat Sheets posted! You can either have all heats created and published prior to the competition starting, or create heats throughout the competition based on previous event rankings.

As workout results start to come in, you can score the workouts in real-time! These results will be automatically updated to the TV Leader Board. Admin also has their own version of the leaderboard that they can access on the admin competition page.

Make a mistake when entering scores? No problem! Simply re-run through the "Enter Scores" option on the workout.

Lastly, if you have any questions and need immediate assistance from the Triib team, please contact support at or live chat directly through your dashboard!

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