Adding a Membership Plan to a Member in Triib is easy! Start by navigating to a member's profile by typing their name in the Member Search bar at the top of your admin site.

Once on a member's profile page, find the blue Add New Plan button on the right side of the page.

Here, you'll be able to select the membership plan, as well as the billing start date, any applicable discounts, followed by optional dates (like an end date, a delayed date for first payment, and a primary billing day).

Next, additional plans, discounts, and expiration dates can be added.

Lasty, if you wish to charge a set up fee, you can check the box next to "Do you wish to charge a setup fee?" and enter the one time set up fee amount, as well as the date to charge that setup fee.

Finally, review the details of the plan and hit the "Save Plan" button at the bottom of the page.

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