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What are the differences between attendance packs and appointment packages?
What are the differences between attendance packs and appointment packages?
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There are three common types of plans or methods through which to book classes/appointments, aside from drop-ins and free trials.

Attendance Packs:

Attendance packs are commonly referred to as punch cards, and are packs of uses for booking classes, specifically.

When creating an attendance pack, you'll determine:

  • the number of attendances in the pack

  • the name of the pack

  • a description

  • rate/how much you charge for the pack

  • your cost of the pack (for bookkeeping)

  • the type of attendance pack (what the pack can be used on, like drop ins or standard classes)

  • pack expiration dates

  • taxable?

  • enabled for kiosk sale?

  • kiosk collection

  • Allow online signup?

  • and a pack photo

When an individual with an attendance pack books a class, given appropriate permissions (Setting up Programs), they'll have the option to use an attendance pack use rather than, say, pay for the class individually as a drop in.

Admins are able to edit the numbers of uses remaining on a pack by opening up a members profile, scrolling down to attendance packs, and clicking edit, then changing the number of uses and saving.

When setting up trial days/weeks, we suggest using an attendance pack. Additionally, when setting up a 30-day pass or 1-month membership that is non-recurring, we suggest setting up an attendance pack. 

Appointment Packs:

Appointment Packs are similar to Attendance packs in that they are essentially punchcards with a set number of uses, however, these are specifically used for appointments, not classes.

Appointment Packs can be used on a specific Appointment Session. To create an appointment pack:

  • Click Appointments > Appointment Types > View > under one of the Appointment Sessions you've created, click Add New Package.

Here you'll be able to add the:

  • Package Size / Pricing

  • Package details like name and description

  • Client Purchase options like Kiosk Sale enabled or Online sale enabled

  • and expiration options.

Remember, the essential difference between Appointment Packs and Attendance Packs, though they serve similar functionality, is on what they can be used!

Note: The general rule of thumb is that Appointment packs are for appointments, attendance packs are for classes!

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