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How to Transfer a Membership Plan
How to Transfer a Membership Plan
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Triib doesn't offer a way to transfer a membership plan to another member; however, you can take certain steps to make it happen by canceling the current member's plan and add a new one to the receiving member's account.

Step One: Navigate to the member's profile with the membership that needs to be transferred, then select "Cancel" next to their plan.

  • If you would like for the member to have access until the end of their current billing period, make sure to set the cancellation date to their last day of access (for example, if their next bill date is 11/1/2020, set their cancellation date to 10/31/2020)

  • If you are transferring mid-billing cycles, set the cancel date to the date you want it transferred and see the note at the bottom of this page.

Step Two: Go to the member's account who the membership will be "transferred" to and select "Add New Plan"

  • Set the start date to the day after the cancellation date you set for the previous plan. For example, if you set the original member's plan to expire on 10/31/2020, then the member "receiving" the membership will have a start date of 11/1/2020.

  • If the original member has already paid the month or plan, see below.

If the member already paid the plan, take the following steps to adjust the first invoice under the receiving member. 
- Go to Receiving Member Profile
- Click Payments
- Click "View Details" under the invoice that needs to be nullified
- Click Edit Item
- Change the price of the adjusted price to $0, enter a reason and click save
- Click Mark Invoice as Paid
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