How to Update a Class

Learn how to change or update a class

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This guide will help you navigate the different ways to update a class. You can make a one time change to a specific class or a long term change to a specific.

Step 1: Go to Schedule/Classes > View Schedule

Step 2: Click the Class you would like to edit

Step 3: Click Edit Class

Step 4: Edit the information that would you like changed

Step 5:

One Time Change: Click Update Class
โ€‹ Long Term Change: Select "Update All/Future Classes At this Day and Time

then Click Update Class

โ‡๏ธ If you need to update more than one class, you will need to click on each class that needs editing as the edit is only for classes on that day and time.

At this time, Triib doesn't have the option to bulk update all classes on the same day and time. Please Send a Feature Request if you would like to see this feature.

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