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How to use the Quick Waiver

anyone who hasn't signed your waiver yet to, quickly, do so

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The Quick Waiver feature on the Kiosk now allows anyone who hasn't signed your waiver yet to, quickly, do so, or do you have a seminar and need someone to complete a waiver quickly without going through the entire process of signing up?

Use our Kiosk feature, "Quick Waiver" by having them click on Quick Waiver on the kiosk.

Once they've clicked on it, your form will appear and they can fill out/sign your waiver!

Once they've done this they'll be all set. If you want to find a specific member's waiver, you can go to their member profile> scroll to the bottom of the page> view Emergency Contact/Waivers> From here you can download that athlete's waiver.


If the member already exists in your system, make sure that they use the same first and last name along with the email address that is on their current profile. By doing so, the waiver will be signed for the existing member. Otherwise, it will generate a new profile.

How to Find your Kiosk Page:

In your Triib Account, navigate to Triib Settings > Triib URLs > click on the Kiosk URL. You can put this URL on any tablet, TV, or computer.

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