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How can I increase customer engagement with my review requests?
How can I increase customer engagement with my review requests?

Customers are not leaving a review, how can I improve conversion?

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The level of customer engagement with review requests varies by industry.

The first time you sign up for TrueReview, you may have many contacts you want to send review requests to. Most likely, this list includes customers who used your services weeks, months or years ago. The best review request engagement comes from recent customers. Those who haven't heard from you in weeks or months are less likely to leave a review if you send them a review request.

Consistency is key to getting more reviews. Review requests sent shortly after the service is completed will result in higher customer engagement and more reviews. Waiting too long reduces your chances of getting a review.

You can make a few tweaks to your messaging if you are not seeing customers engaging with your review requests.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Instead of asking for a review, ask for a "quick rating"

    1. a quick rating is not as intimidating and time consuming as having to think of a review.

  2. Ask the customer to "take a few seconds" to leave feedback.

    1. Again, letting the customer know that it will only take a few seconds increases the likelihood of them clicking the link to leave a star rating or a review.

  3. Explain the importance of reviews. For example:

"Hi {Customer Name}! We appreciate your business. As a small business, our reputation is everything, and we would love to hear your feedback. Please leave us a quick rating by clicking the link below."

"Hi {Customer Name}, your feedback means more than you can imagine! Would you mind clicking the link below to leave us a quick review? Thanks so much!

Remember to always keep the message short and to the point. Adding too much text, especially for SMS messages, will have a drastically low engagement rate.

Use email follow ups!

When sending a review request, try to include the customers phone number and email address.

If the customer does not engage with your SMS review request, TrueReview will automatically send follow up review requests via Email. This increase the chances of the customer opening your request and leaving a review.

Note: Follow-up review requests via email are not included in the Starter plan. To use email follow-ups, upgrade to the Small Business or Premium plan from your Account Settings, under Plans.

Try different contact methods.

If customers are opening your review request links, however they are not clicking on your review website, or engaging with the request, you may want to experiment with different contact methods.

There are three different Contact Types you can use with TrueReview to see which one performs better for your customer base or industry.

You can select them from your Settings page, by scrolling to the Contact Type section.

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