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πŸš€ Getting Started

The TrueReview API is based on the REST paradigm. We use standard HTTPS authentication, and all responses are JSON formatted.

API access is only available for the most up to date Premium plan.


Get your account Access Token by generating a new token from the Integrations and API page of your account. Account Access Token is the same regardless of how many locations are within your account.

Never share your access token with anyone. If you think someone else is using your access token, generate a new token to invalidate the previous one.

Location SID

Each location/business within your account has a unique Location SID. When connecting your app, use the Location SID for whichever business or location you want to use to process the request.

Locating the correct Location SID:

  1. From your Account Settings, click EDIT next to the business you want to manage

  2. Under INTEGRATIONS AND API, click on the ACCESS API SETTINGS button.

  3. Click COPY SID, or click the view toggle icon to reveal the Location SID

Postman Collection

In Postman, we've created a collection that lets you easily experiment with API requests. Simply import the collection into your Postman workspace and set up the authorization variables to get started.

Importing the Collection

The collection can be imported into your active workspace by clicking "Import"

Download the postman collections for Contacts and Requests.

Click the Import button to add collections to your Workspace.

Add your Authorization and Location-Sid to your Environment.

Running a Request


Contact Response:

To retrieve contact data, run a GET request with {{base_url}}/contacts

Request Response:

To retrieve request data, run a GET request with {{base_url}}/requests

Setting Contact Type

This will list all contact types.

GET request data for Contact Types in Postman

There are three contact types:

Direct Link - ID = "1"

Reactions - ID = "2"

Survey - ID = "3"

  • If the Contact Type is not defined, the default Contact Type will be used from your Location Settings.

  • Brand customization can be done from your TrueReview contact type settings page.

Setting Campaign ID

To get your Campaign ID, run a GET request for "All drip campaigns".

This will list all of your campaigns. Use the ID to define which campaign to use when creating a request.

  • If the Campaign ID is not defined, the default Campaign will be used from your Location Settings.

  • Customization of the campaign messaging can be done from your TrueReview campaign settings page.

Resending requests to SMS numbers that were contacted before

If the resend behavior is not defined, any SMS requests for customers who have already received it will be sent again.

  • To enable sending requests to customers who have previously been contacted via SMS, add "contacted_before" as "true".

  • To always send the requests, regardless if they have been contacted via SMS in the past, the value should be set to "false".


Any time we make backwards-incompatible changes to our API, we will release a new version. Our current API is v1.

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