Credit History Information
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Which product is it related to?

Background Checks.

What is the feature?

New Credit History dataset for searches in Brazil and Colombia.

This will bring information as:

  • Indebtedness in real sector (companies); in credit cards, loans and co-debtors;

  • Payment behavior;

  • Recent inquiries in another sector.

What problem are we solving?

Lack of financial information for searched people.

Why is this useful?

This will help companies to complete their candidates information taking into account the candidate's financial performance and behavior.

How to do it? How do I integrate?

It'll be available for Front and API. The customer needs to pay an extra fee for consuming this premium information.

If you are interested, contact your Sales Representative to get more info.

Once the negotiation happens, the Engineering team just activates the feature for the customer.

What happens if we don’t have this?

You just won't have financial information about the people you're looking for.

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