What are the Circular points?
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Circular points are the core of the new reward system at Circular. You will earn Circular points by completing different actions that will benefit the recruiter's network. You'll be able to spend your Circular points on different rewards for you and your company.

You'll be able to see your Circular points balance on the Home page and on the navigation top bar.

If you click on your Circular points you'll be redirected to the Rewards page. On there, you'll be able to choose where to spend your points: discounts for your company, exclusive merch items, events, courses, etc.

You can also exchange your Circular points for qualified candidates! Find out How can you get qualified candidates with my Circular points here

If you want to get a reward in exchange for your Circular points, click "Get" on the reward of your choice, confirm the request, and done!

You'll receive an email with instructions to redeem your reward, the cost of the reward will be discounted from your total balance, and it will appear under your "Latest activity".

Your current Circular points balance and your latest activity are private and only visible to you. The only information that other recruiters can see is your reputation level.

The more Circular points you accumulate, the better rewards you'll be able to get! Click here to find out how to earn Circular points.

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