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How does Circular work?

Circular is a private community for tech companies & developers based in Spain, the UK, France, or Remote. Once signed up, you can upload your CV or LinkedIn, and we'll send it to companies that match your skill set. 🎯

When a company is interested in you, we will email you the job description with all the info (including salary range). You can then accept or reject their message. Accepting opens a direct chat window with the recruiter so you can both schedule the first call.

How can I access the offers?

You will be able to access the offers in your home page once a company has shown interest in your profile. In the meanwhile, you can use these tips we gathered to make the most out of your profile.

Who can recommend me?

You can ask for recommendations to former/current colleagues, former employers, recruiters you have had an interview with or add code projects so your profile can be approved.

What's Circular business model?

Circular will always be free for developers like you. Our pricing model is based on a SAAS model only for companies looking for tech talent.

How can I get help from the Circular team?

You can contact us at contact@circular.io or through the helper at the bottom corner of our platform and our team will help you.

I’m a junior candidate or need sponsorship, how can I make the most out of my profile?

We currently don’t have a lot of offers that might fit your experience or that provide visa sponsorship, so we have gathered in this article a series of tips to make the most out of your profile.

Do you have news/updates regarding my profile?

As soon as a company shows interest, you will receive a notification with the updates. We are trying our best to be able to send you relevant jobs. Some of the reasons may be that the companies didn’t give feedback yet, there is a slow down in the market, the current season is slower for hiring or that the offer is lower for junior and non visa holders candidates.

I don’t have feedback from X company, can you help?

We recommend you to reach out again the recruiter and if you don’t get news by next week, to close the offer. This way you'll receive a survey to leave your feedback regarding your experience in their process that will directly affect their reputation score, which is visible to all the candidates in Circular.

I want to reactivate/pause my account, how should I do it?

You can update your preferences here. Please see the screenshot below.

How can I be sure my current job won’t see that I’m looking for work?

You can update the companies preferences and exclude the companies (including the current company you work for) here.

Do you have any part-time opportunities or internships in Circular?

We don’t have part-time or internship opportunities in Circular.

I’m getting an error when trying to use Circular

We suggest you first try to clear your cache and to use another browser. If this isn’t working, could you please share a screenshot and URL of the page you are trying to access at contact@circular.io?

In some cases this happens because the role you are trying to select is not supported. Remember we only support tech roles.

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