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How does TryNow impact my inventory and operations?
How does TryNow impact my inventory and operations?
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Tip: To ease into the program and gain learnings about operations and inventory, start small using Gated Links. Only shoppers who enter through the Gated Link will see TryNow, which means a significantly lower initial TryNow order volume.

TryNow programs accelerate growth by increasing conversion and units ordered, which means more orders and bigger orders for your fulfillment teams. While order volume increases, inventory turnaround time increases as well, as trials are much shorter than return policies (7 days vs. 30 days), which means returned items are typically back “in stock” much faster than standard orders depending on the trial length.

Below is a list of considerations to discuss with your Growth Lead and your internal team as you plan for growth:

  1. Depth – Do you have enough depth in your inventory to support more and bigger orders? You want to make sure you have inventory available for shoppers to try.

  2. Inventory Turns – Is your team prepared for the increased volume of returns so items can be restocked and available for purchase? Inventory comes back faster with TryNow, but your team will still need to process and restock that inventory to resell.

  3. Analytics – Does your team have visibility into the current keep and return rates of your products? Your TryNow program will increase and accelerate these insights, which will help inform your buying strategies going forward.

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