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What is the pricing structure for TryNow?
What is the pricing structure for TryNow?
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We only make money when you do.
TryNow charges 2.99% on the Net Order Value + $0.99 Per Order.

  • Free to install

  • 45-day free trial beginning on date of app download

  • 2.99% of net order value + $0.99 per order

  • The percentage fee is only assessed on the payment captured on the authorization for TryNow items (after returns)

  • Whereas other payment providers such as BNPL charge on the gross order value before returns, TryNow charges on the net order value after returns to ensure that incentives are fully aligned

  • No long-term commitments β€” TryNow is order-to-order

  • The % fee is assessed when payment is captured on the authorization after the trial ends

  • The $0.99 per order fee is assessed at the time of order creation

  • Charges are billed daily and paid monthly via Shopify billing

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