What is TryNow?

TryNow Basics 101

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What is TryNow?

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, it can be challenging for shoppers to make confident purchasing decisions without physically experiencing a product. TryNow is a Try Before You Buy solution that allows shoppers to try products in the comfort of their homes and only pay for what they keep.

TryNow is a third-party app available on the Shopify app store. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify-based online stores allowing them to offer their customers a unique opportunity to try products without any upfront payment.

How does TryNow work for a shopper?

  1. Choose items: Shoppers can browse a merchant's store and select products they are interested in trying by clicking on the "Try Now" button on the product page.

  2. Checkout with no upfront payment: After selecting the desired products, shoppers can proceed to checkout as usual. However, with TryNow, there is no upfront payment required during this stage. Instead, the order is processed with a zero-dollar payment and the shopper's card is authorized to ensure sufficient funds are available if they decide to keep the item.

  3. Delivery & trial period: Once the order is confirmed, the selected products are shipped to the shopper's doorstep. A shopper's trial starts when their items arrive.

  4. Purchase decision & returns: At the end of the try-on period, shoppers have two options. If they are satisfied with the products, they don't need to take any action, and their card will be automatically charged at the end of the Trial Period. On the other hand, if they wish to return any or all of the items, they can do so by following the merchant's regular return process.

How does TryNow work for a merchant?

  1. Order is placed & fulfilled: When a shopper places an order, TryNow will authorize the shopper's card. Once authorized, we will release fulfillment of the item. In the event of an authorization failure, we take care of the necessary follow-up to rectify the issue.

  2. Purchase decision & returns:

    1. If a shopper decides to keep an item: Once the trial period is over, we will automatically capture the charged amount. The merchant doesn't need to take any action.

    2. If a shopper returns an item: The shopper will follow the merchant's existing return process. TryNow seamlessly integrates with RMS providers like Loop and Returnly, ensuring a smooth return experience. Merchants who prefer to process returns manually through Shopify can continue to do so.

How do I install TryNow?

TryNow offers an easy installation process. See below for a demo of this process:

TryNow Features

TryNow offers a wide range of features, allowing merchants to create highly customized programs. We continuously update and expand the app, ensuring you have access to the latest functionalities. With our features, you can easily customize trial lengths, target high-value shoppers by offering Try Before You Buy, encourage shoppers to try multiple items per order and much more. Check out our best practices article to explore the various ways our merchants are currently using TryNow!

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