Tuple allows to you produce a generic certificate or statement of attainment for your students that you can then print on to your corporate stationary.

Tuple credentials contain the student's name, course code, course description (or unit codes and descriptions) and issue date.  Each credential will be automatically given a unique system-generated number that will be also included on the document.

You as the RTO are responsible for ensuring that any compliance requirements (logos, additional wording, signatures, etc.) are included on your pre-printed or corporate stationary or added to any credential issued to a student. You must also maintain a credential register of all credentials produced.  Please ensure that a student had fully completed their course before issuing their Certificate.

Remember to scan a copy of any document or credential issued to a student and upload it to the student's Logbook for future reference.

Generate a Certificate or Statement of Attainment

  1. In Tuple, click the Learners tab in the top menu and search for the student you wish to produce a credential for.

  2. In the Learner Profile page, click on the relevant enrolment you wish to product a credential for.

  3. In the Course Enrolment Detail page, select Reports from the side menu

  4. Choose either Certificate or Statement of Attainment

  5. A preview pop-up page will appear showing the contents of the credential (If the pop-up page does not appear, you may need to click 'Allow pop-ups' which is normally displayed at the top of your web browser).

  6. In the 'Select a format' drop-down box, choose 'Acrobat (PDF) file' and click Export.  This will download a PDF version of the credential which you can then save and print on your corporate stationary.

  7. Once the credential has been printed and signed you can scan a copy and upload it to the student's Logbook for future reference.

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