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How to find new cleaners through Turno's marketplace as a host

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As a host, you may have come to Turno looking for a new cleaner. Turno's Marketplace is the best way to find a cleaning contractor in your area that has worked with and been reviewed by vacation rental hosts such as yourself.

🚀 Getting started

In order to get started, head over to "Find a Cleaner" on your Turno account, or click the button below. 💡

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

On this page, open a new search for an existing property, or for a new one.

New Property 🆕

If you would like to open a search for a property that is not listed on Turno yet, click "A New Property", then "Next".

You will be prompted to enter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the address of the property:

Use Google autocomplete to find the address. If it's not showing up, click "I can't find my address" and you will be able to add it manually, like so:

Existing Property 🏡

To open a search for an existing property, select the property from the drop-down menu, then click "Next".

You will then be able to confirm the details of the property, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in it, as well as the address:

If the address that shows on auto complete is incorrect, click "I can't find my address" and you will be able to enter it manually, like so:

Cleaning Needs 🧽

Whether you have decided to open a search for a new property or an existing one, once you confirm the address, you will be prompted to describe your cleaning needs:

Here, you will enter:

  • An estimate of how long it takes to clean your unit ⏰

  • Whether you provide cleaning supplies or not 🧼

  • The estimated number of projects (cleanings) you need per month 📆

  • Whether the cleaner needs to wash and dry linens or not 🚰

  • If you have checklists, you will be able to select one to share ✍🏻

  • Leave a note with additional information 📑

After editing your cleaning needs, click the "Find Cleaners" button at the bottom and your search will be open! 🥳🎉

Now, cleaners in the area around your property will be notified that a host is looking for cleaning services and will be able to place bids, stating how much they charge per cleaning and what kind of services they provide. In order to work with a cleaner, simply accept their bid.

💡 Read more information about accepting bids in the following article:

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Do service providers in Turno's Marketplace work for Turno?

Turno is a platform that helps hosts and cleaners connect and automate their cleanings. In other words, Turno is not an employer. Our product is the platform itself, and all cleaners are independent service providers.

In short, the cleaners you find in the Turno Marketplace are independent contractors and do not work for us.

Are the cleaners on Turno vetted in any way?

All cleaners that apply to Turno's Marketplace are required to provide an identification document, a recent profile picture that follows guidelines, a bio that details their experience, and references that can attest to their cleaning experience. Cleaners in the United States are also required to take a background check.

Cleaners are not allowed to join our Marketplace or place bids on offers from potential customers before they can provide these details.

Cleaners who have successfully completed their marketplace profile can also acquire badges that are displayed on their profiles and bids to better earn your trust. Currently, they can upload business licenses, surety bonds, and liability insurance documents to Turno, which we verify and give them a badge for if everything is in order.

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