Adding and Removing Teammates From Properties

How to enable or disable a teammate from your properties listed on Turno, as well as change their priority between Primary and Backup.

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Once you are connected with a teammate, you can add and remove them from your properties. When a teammate is added to a property, it means they will be notified about new projects shared on that property's schedule.

When you accept a cleaner's bid, they are added to the property you had opened the search for cleaners on. You can still enable and disable them on any of your properties as you need!

👤 Adding a teammate to a property

To add a teammate to your property, go to your "Properties" page, click on the three dots icon on the top right of the property you'd like to add teammates to, and select "Update Property", or simply click its name:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

Navigate to the "Teammates" tab, where you can add or remove teammates, change their priority for that property between Primary or Backup, update their rate for projects, and change their roles.

If you'd like a teammate to receive notifications about the property, click on "Add Teammates to this property". A pop-up will appear where you can select the teammate(s) you'd like to add:

Click "Next" to select their roles and then again to confirm their priority (primary or backup) and their rate:

Lastly, click on "Add Teammate(s)" and they will be added to the property as you set up:

👥 Primary and Backup teammates

When a teammate has the Primary priority, they will be notified about your projects for that property first, as well as be the first to have a chance to either accept or reject projects depending on their availability.

When a teammate has the Backup priority, they will only see projects if all of the primary teammates in that property reject them, if you manually send the request to backup teammates, or if the setting under the Project Settings to automatically send requests to backups is enabled.

When adding teammates, you can make their priority Primary by enabling the toggle switch or Backup by leaving it disabled. To change between the two priorities after a teammate has been added to the property, simply click on the toggle switch button in the respective teammate's card:

Keep in mind that among primary or backup teammates with the same priority, it is a matter of who will accept the project first. So, if all teammates are primaries or if all teammates are backups, the project requests will be sent to them at the same time.

​⚠️ Project requests work on a "first come, first serve" basis, so when a teammate accepts a request, they will take the job scheduled for that date, and the project won't be available for the other teammates anymore unless the teammate who accepted the project is removed from it.

⛔ Removing a teammate from a property

You can also remove/disable someone from a property if you don't wish them to receive projects from it anymore.

On the Teammates tab of the property settings, click on the bin icon on the teammate's card under the "Action(s)" column. After confirming, they will not receive projects from that property anymore, and will be removed from any upcoming projects they are currently assigned to on it:

🏘️ From multiple properties at once

You can also add, remove, and edit a teammate's roles and priorities on more than one property at once by going to the "My Team" page and clicking on the edit icon next to them:

You'll be able to select which properties you want to add the teammate as each role to by selecting them on the drop-down menu:

Then, edit their priority on all properties you are adding them as a teammate:

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