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How to Add a New Cleaning Project to Your Schedule as a Host
How to Add a New Cleaning Project to Your Schedule as a Host

Manually adding a cleaning project to your schedule by creating a Manual Project.

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Sometimes having Turno automatically create projects for your bookings is not enough. With that in mind, we also offer a feature that allows you to create manual projects so you can add a project unrelated to a booking whenever you need a teammate's services.

✍🏼How to manually add a new project to your schedule 

To manually add a project, click on the "Add Manual Project" button located at the top left of the Schedule page:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

You can also do this from the List page by clicking on the "Add Manual Project" button also located at the top right of the page like so:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

Once you do so, you will be taken to the "Add Manual Project" screen. Here you will be able to pick the specifications of your project.

  • Select a project type (Number 1): You can select if this project will be a regular cleaning project or a different type of project (Inspection, Linen Delivery, Maintenance, Pool Cleaning, Trash Pickup, or Check-in/Welcoming Project).

"Check-in/Welcoming" projects are intended to happen when your guest is about to arrive at the property, allowing them to have a walkthrough and get any relevant information that you instruct your teammate to deliver.

As such, to work properly, this project should be scheduled to happen at the guest's arrival, unlike most Turno projects that usually happen after a guest leaves the property.

  • Select a property (Number 2): You can select in which of your properties this project will take place. Only a single property can be picked for each project.

  • Select a checklist (Number 3): You can select one of your checklists to show for this specific property. Click the selected checklist in the drop-down menu to remove the associated checklist, or simply select another one.

  • Project name (Number 4): This is where you can add a name to the project.

  • Price (Number 5): Here you can update the cleaning price for this specific project by disabling the "Price" toggle. There you can edit the amount for this specific cleaning project and determine if it's paid per hour or per project:

  • Project details (Number 6): You can select "Single Project" if this will be a single instance or "Repeating Project" if you would like to set a group of recurring projects to happen within a determined timeframe. You can choose from Daily to Yearly for the repeating time. Whatever option you pick here will affect the slot dedicated to the Date and Time details of your project.

  • Date and time (Number 7): Depending on the option chosen related to the section above, you will be presented with a different prompt for the date and time of your project:

    • If you pick "repeating":

    • If you pick "single":

You can use the "Guest Arrives Same Day" option to let your cleaner know that they can only do the cleaning project on that specific day/time. When you check the "Guest Arrives Same Day" box, your cleaner will see the tag on the project card on their end, notifying them that a guest will check out and another one will check in later on the same day.

Turno automatically adds this tag to projects that exist between a check-out and check-in on the same day.

If you scroll down the "Add Manual Project" you will be able to add notes to this project and will still be presented with the last specifications to set up:

Assign or Restrict to Specific Teammates (Number 1): You can check this box to directly assign or restrict this project to specific cleaners only. This means that this project will be available only to them and will not appear on other cleaners' project requests besides the ones you select.

The "assign" part of the feature shown above will only be visible if you have the "Direct Assign/ Auto Assign" feature enabled on your Projects' settings.

⚠️This is only recommended if you have direct control over your teammates' schedules or if you talked to them beforehand to make sure they will be available.⚠️

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

If you don't have the option above enabled, the "assign or restrict to specific cleaners" box will show up like this:

​Click on the "Assign to a cleaner or Restrict to Specific Cleaners" box, then on "Assign" or "Specific Cleaners", and select a cleaner from the "Available to" dropdown menu. You can select multiple cleaners when restricting a project, but only one when assigning.

Visible (Number 2):
When enabled, this means that this project will be shared with your enabled cleaners as soon as you save it, making it visible to them.

If disabled, it will keep the project hidden from your cleaners, even after it is saved, until you share it manually.

If you'd like to know more about it, please check out the following guide: Making projects visioble or hidden

Once you're done setting up your new project, make sure to click on the "Add Special Project" button at the bottom right, to save and add your new project to your schedule.

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