Setting Teammates as Primary or Backup

How to change the status of teammates enabled in your properties

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Teammates that you enable on a property on Turno can have either one of these two statuses: they can be set as a primary teammate or as a backup teammate.

🧼 Primary teammates will be notified about your projects for that property first, as well as be the first to have a chance to either accept or reject them, depending on their availability.

🧽 Backup teammates will only be notified of projects if all of the primary teammates in the property either reject that project or have already been removed from it at some point.

If you'd like to know more about adding and removing teammates from your properties, you can check the following guide:

🔄️ Changing the status of primaries and backups

There are two ways to change the status of your teammates on your properties: from the Properties page, where you can add multiple teammates to a specific property at once, and from the My Team page, where you can add a specific teammate to multiple properties at once. Feel free to follow the instructions that best fit your needs.

📑 Note: Keep in mind that primary or backup teammates that share the same status will be notified about new available projects at the same time. If all teammates are primary, or if all teammates are backups, all teammates will be able to accept and reject projects at the same time, so accepting projects will work on a "first come, first serve" basis.

On the Properties page 🏠

To change the status of the teammates in your property, go to your Properties page, and click on the name of the property you wish to edit the status of your teammates for. You can also click on the green dotted circle icon on the card of the property and select "Update Property":

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work.)

Then, navigate to the "Teammates" tab, which will look something like this:

There, you can choose to set a teammate as a primary teammate for that property, so they can receive project requests first; or set them as a backup teammate, which means they will only see the projects if all of the primary teammates in that property reject them. To change the teammate's status, toggle the switch next to the teammate you want and confirm:

You can even disable someone from that property if you don't wish them to receive any projects from that property at all by clicking on the bin icon under Actions:

❗ You can have as many primary and backup teammates on a property as you wish, but you must always select their status. A teammate can't be enabled on a property without a status.

On the My Team page 👥

You can also change your teammate's status on many properties at once by going to your "My Team" page under the Teammates tab. There, you can click on the pencil icon on the right side of the screen, next to the teammate's name:

You will be prompted with a list of properties you want to enable the teammate on and with which role. Here, you will be able to bulk edit your teammate's role as a primary/backup and their rate per property:

Once you've edited the information you need, just click "Save," and you will be all set!

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work.)

📑 Note: Keep in mind that your teammates will not be notified of their status as a primary or backup, nor will they be aware of their status when you enable them on your properties.

⚙️ Allowing project requests to be automatically sent to your backup teammates

By default, backup teammates will only receive project requests if all primary teammates on the property have rejected them first— unless the property has no primary teammates. If you want your projects to become available to backup teammates even if all your primary teammates haven't rejected them yet, you can enable this option on the "Account Settings" page:

The "Show projects automatically to all backup cleaners" option lets you choose how many days (from 1 to 10) before a project's scheduled start time you want the backup teammates to receive the request. That way, backup teammates can also accept the project if the primary teammates haven't accepted or rejected it before that time limit.

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