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How Do Paid Subscriptions Work for Hosts on Turno?
How Do Paid Subscriptions Work for Hosts on Turno?

Turno's subscription plans and pricing explained for hosts

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Turno is a subscription-based product with both free and premium tiers for hosts. As a host, you are in the Free Tier if you have only one property, regardless if it is billable or not.

  • A property is considered billable if it has an external teammate (an invited teammate not sourced from the Turno Marketplace) enabled on it.

  • This means that a property that only has marketplace teammates enabled is non-billable. If a property has no teammates enabled on it, it is also non-billable.

You will be prompted to subscribe if you have two or more billable properties. Once you reach this point, a Free Trial period starts.

This article contains an in-depth look at all aspects of paid Subscription plans for hosts on Turno. Use the links below to skip to the subject you'd like to learn more about.

❓ What is a Turno subscription?

Understanding what a Turno subscription is requires distinguishing between the two types of connections that hosts and their teams can establish on the platform.

  1. Marketplace connections occur when you and your teammates meet on Turno and connect when the host accepts the cleaner's bid.

  2. Non-marketplace connections are established when you met outside of Turnoand  connect through a direct invite without interacting through the Turno marketplace. 

When you have non-marketplace teammates enabled on only one property, Turno is free to use. If one or more non-marketplace teammates are enabled in 2 or more properties, all of those properties will become billable and require a subscription.

After a trial period of 14 days, you will be prompted to choose a plan (monthly or yearly) to keep using Turno with their non-marketplace connections.

⌚ The Free Trial

The Free Trial is triggered as soon as you have 2 or more billable properties. During the trial period, you can use the system with no limitations but will be required to subscribe once it expires.

You can choose to keep using Turno for free after the trial expires, provided that you disable non-marketplace teammates from your additional properties.

The free trial lasts for 14 days. Once your free trial expires, your account will be restricted, and you won't be able to use the system with your non-marketplace teammates until you subscribe.

📊 Subscription Plans

Standard subscription plans 📒

You can choose between two subscription plans: monthly and annual. The fee of the annual plan is at a discounted price, and you can save by choosing to pay annually.

  • In the monthly plan, your subscription will renew every month, and you will be charged for the full price of each of your properties. In this plan, each property costs $8/month, billed monthly.

  • In the annual plan, your subscription will renew every year, and you will be charged the amount of your current billable properties for the next 12 months. In this plan, each property costs only $6/month, billed yearly.

If you opt to 1) use marketplace teammates only, or 2) disable all teammates from your properties, you won’t be charged for your subscription. Disabling all non-marketplace teammates from a property is what we call pausing a subscription.

Billing Example

You have 4 properties. Two of them have external cleaners, and two have marketplace cleaners only. Suppose you are subscribed to the annual plan (currently, the annual plan charges $6 per property per month).

This means that you have 2 billable properties and 2 free properties.

So, you will be charged $6 x 2 properties x 12 months = $144 once a year.

Complimentary subscription plans 🤝

Still regarding subscription plans, a complimentary subscription on Turno can be granted if you connect your Turno account to one of our PMS partners via API Integration. The properties connected to those partners will become non-billable, and thus subscription fee for them will be waived while they are integrated with those platforms.

You can read more about complimentary subscriptions here:

📋 Changes in Subscription

Your subscription can change in two ways: by adding or removing a billable property, or by changing your plan from monthly to annual. Changing plans, and adding or removing billable properties often result in prorations, meaning that credit is added against your next subscription charge. It is important to note that we prorate by the minute, and not by the day.

⚙️ Adding or Removing Billable Properties

Adding a billable property ➕

When adding new properties to your subscription, the system will charge you the prorated (proportional amount) for the quantity added. This charge usually takes up to one day to be reflected in your credit card statement.

Proration Example 1

You are under the annual plan, where a single property costs $72 a year.

Exactly six months in, you add a new billable property. You will be charged a proportional amount for the remaining six months of your subscription period:

$6 x 1 (new property) x 6 (remaining months) = $36.

Removing a billable property ✖️

Removing a billable property from your subscription often results in proration. You are granted credit for the unused period for the properties you removed and had already paid for. See the example below:

Proration Example 2

You are under the annual plan and have three billable properties, meaning you were charged $6 x 3 (properties) x 12 (months) = $216 for the year, $72 for each property.

Exactly six months in, one of those properties is no longer being used, so you remove it. This generates a proration, a credit that is added against your subscription renewal proportional to the time left on your subscription.

So, since you didn’t use six months of your 3rd property, you receive $6 x 1 (property) x 6 (remaining months) = $36 in credit.

On the next subscription renewal, you will be charged $6 x 2 (current properties) x 12 (months) = $144 - $36 (credit) = $108.

If you add a new property again after removing one or more properties, you are still charged the proportional amount. This almost always results in no additional charge, since you will have a credit amount often higher than the new charge.

📌 Changing plans

It is possible to move between the monthly and annual subscription plans at any moment.

Moving to monthly 🔴

The change to the monthly plan happens only during your next subscription renewal, meaning that the change will only take effect after your current annual period ends.

It is possible to cancel this change at any time while the annual plan is still in effect by moving back to the annual plan.

Moving to Annual 🔵

The change to the annual plan takes effect immediately. You are credited for the remaining time on your monthly plan and charged immediately for the annual plan. The credit is applied immediately to this charge.

Transition Example

Currently, on the monthly plan with 2 properties, you decide to move to the annual plan exactly halfway through your subscription period.

So, upon subscription, you were charged $8 x 2 (properties) x 1 (month) = $16.

You then change your plan to annual, and you are:

  1. credited for the remaining time, $8 x 2 (properties) x 0,5 (remaining half of the month) = $8 (credit).

  2. charged immediately for their annual plan: $6 x 2 (properties) x 12 (months) = $144 - $8 (credit) = $136.

⛔ Restricted Account

Your account can become restricted if the Free Trial expires, the waiting period ends after a failed renewal, or the Subscription is canceled.

In this state, all external (non-marketplace) cleaners are blocked from your properties, meaning you can no longer schedule them on Turno. The cleaners won’t be notified of new projects on those properties. You also can’t add new properties. You can, however, still work with any marketplace cleaners that are enabled on your properties.

You can leave the restricted state in the following ways:

  • by subscribing (or re-subscribing);

  • by switching to the free tier (i.e., making properties non-billable or removing properties).

When a restricted account is restored, all blocked cleaners are unblocked and can work with you once again.

❌ Canceling

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you opt to do this, your account retains all functionalities until the end of your current subscription period (the period you paid for), after which your account may enter the restricted state depending on the cleaner and property configuration. Please check the details on the topics above.

You can also undo your “cancellation request” at any time, provided that your current subscription period is still in effect. This will reactivate your subscription and renew it on the next billing date as usual.

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