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Linking Turno With Your Airbnb Account and Calendar (via API Integration)
Linking Turno With Your Airbnb Account and Calendar (via API Integration)

Turno is now an official Airbnb Software Partner! Here's how to connect your Turno account with Airbnb.

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Turno is proud to be an official Airbnb software partner, providing highly secure and reliable API connectivity between the Turno and Airbnb platforms. API connectivity with Airbnb gives Turno users an intuitive and efficient setup process, enhanced guest and reservation data, and lightning-fast booking updates. 🚀

🔗 Connecting your Airbnb account to Turno

To import your listings and link your calendars from Airbnb, first go to your Settings menu and click on the Integrations option.

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work.)

This very same guide is also available on our main blog here:
Turno Integration pages: Airbnb

Once you're on your Integrations page, click on the Connect button under the Airbnb option:

You'll see a modal with some instructions on how to proceed with the connection from your Airbnb account. Click on the Connect now button:

Then, you will be taken to the Airbnb website. Choose the correct account (if you have more than one) and log in. Agree to Airbnb’s Terms and Conditions:

Click Allow to grant Turno access:

🏡 Importing your listings from Airbnb

Now that your Airbnb account has been successfully connected, it's time to select the listings you want to import on the Airbnb Integration Settings on Turno. Your Airbnb listings will be available for you to choose which one you want to import.

⚠️ Reminder: on the "Turno Property" column, you can either choose to create a new property on Turno for your Airbnb listing, or link your listing's calendar to an existing property you have on Turno.

Make sure not to duplicate your properties during this process in case you have already created them on Turno before linking to Airbnb.

If you've already created the property related to your listing on Turno, simply choose that specific property from the "Turno Property" column:

In case you still don't have that property on Turno, select the New Property option:

Once you've selected the properties to link, just click the "Link Listings" button. This action will initiate the import of your Airbnb listings and bookings.

Once the process is complete, you're all set! Your bookings will be imported to your properties, and your schedule will begin to populate with cleaning projects. 💫

Now that you're connected with Airbnb, you can access our exclusive feature: the Turno Quality Center. This powerful tool for hosts and property managers gathers cleanliness ratings and reviews from your guests, helping you enhance your overall Turno experience. Learn more about this feature here:

❓ Troubleshooting

If you tried connecting to Airbnb and it didn't work, make sure to check whether you are the owner of that listing on Airbnb. Currently, there's a limitation with the Airbnb API concerning co-host accounts. If you're co-hosting listings, they can't be imported into Turno. Listings will only be imported if you integrate with the Airbnb account that owns them.

When you need to import listings that you're co-hosting but don't have access to the Airbnb owner account, it's still possible to do so by adding them to your existing properties via iCal.

For more information on how to sync Airbnb calendars via iCal, please refer to the article below:

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