The Turno Quality Center

We’re excited to introduce the Turno Quality Center for Airbnb Hosts and Property Managers!

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Looking to improve how you manage your properties, Turno has released the new Quality Center feature in partnership with Airbnb 🎉

Turno's Quality Center feature is available for Airbnb operators and helps hosts improve their services by gathering the cleanliness ratings and reviews of their guests, tying them with the cleaners who worked on their properties in Turno, analyzing trends, and making suggestions for strategic cleaning and operational improvements.

With the Quality Center, you can boost your properties' cleanliness, ensure your turnover readiness, and enhance guest experience and satisfaction. 🚀

Connecting with Airbnb via API Integration

To get started with the Quality Center, you need to integrate your Turno account with Airbnb via API. You can do this by clicking on the Connect with Airbnb Now button available on the Quality Center page:

Turno is an official Airbnb Software Partner! Click on "Connect with Airbnb Now" and start your integration.

(You must be logged in to your Turno host account for the button above to work)

The feature is also available on your mobile devices! On the Turno for Hosts app, go to the More (•••) page and click on the Quality Center option. This will redirect you to your browser where you'll be able to proceed and have access to everything the Quality Center has to offer.

In case you need additional help completing the integration, you can follow the instructions in the article linked below, which shows a step-by-step on how to integrate Turno with Airbnb:

Exploring the Quality Center

After your properties are integrated with Airbnb, you'll be able to access the Quality Center. It is divided into 4 tabs: Overview, Cleaners, Properties, and Reviews.

♾️ Overview

Here you can have a quick look around everything in the Quality Center.

Overview upper section. Here you can see the Overall Cleanliness Rating, the Turno Insights, and a graph with the Overall Cleanliness Rating over time.

The Overall Cleanliness Rating is the weekly updated average of the cleanliness ratings across all the Airbnb properties that you integrate with Turno.

The Turno Insights section gives you tips on how to perform better. Feel free to follow the suggestions displayed and get ready for an upgrade on your rates! There is also a time graph showing how the Overall Cleanliness Rating is performing over time on the right side of the panel, so you can keep track of changes to your rating.

At the bottom of the page, we display a brief summary of the information available in the other tabs; here you can have a grasp of your cleaner and properties' performances, as well as the latest reviews received from your Airbnb guests:

Overview lower section. Here you can have a quick look at your cleaners and properties performances, as well as the reviews sent by your guests.

✨ Cleaners

This tab shows the cleaners on your team and displays their general information, guest ratings, rating trends, the most common tags they received on reviews, and a graph with their guest ratings over time.

It’s also possible to see the cleaner reviews. We show all the reviews that are linked with a cleaning project assigned to this cleaner.

🏠 Properties

Here you can see the properties you have integrated with Airbnb. We display the cleanliness rating of the property directly from the Airbnb API, the most used tags, the rating trend, and a graph with the cleanliness rating over time as well. The reviews are also displayed here, filtered by property.

📝 Reviews

In this tab, it’s possible to have a better visualization of each review received from your guests. You'll have access to the date, the property it refers to, the cleaner that was assigned to the project, the cleaning tags used on it, and much more. Reviews are the business card of your property, and here you will have absolute access to all variables that compose each one of them.

Our team is thrilled to introduce the powerful Quality Center tool to our hosts. Its rich, detailed data will enhance your Turno experience, making it more efficient and personalized than ever.

Wanna see more? Check out our blog post about our partnership with Airbnb here:

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