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How Can I Offer a Project Back to My Cleaner?
How Can I Offer a Project Back to My Cleaner?

Check out this guide if your cleaner rejected an offer or was removed from an assigned project and you want to offer it to them again

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If your cleaner declined an offer by mistake, requested removal from a project, or if you removed them from a project for any reason and you want to add them back, don't worry. There is a solution! You can still allow them to be assigned to the same project again from your end, by offering it to them once again 💫

✨ Sending the project offer back to your cleaner

When using Turno, cleaners have the option to either accept or reject offers. If a rejection is made in error, the project becomes unavailable to the cleaner.

Moreover, as a host, you have the flexibility to remove cleaners from projects they've been assigned to, whether it's due to their request or your decision. In such cases, the app displays a notice to inform you that they cannot accept the same project again.

Once a cleaner rejects a project offer or you remove them from the project in question, the project becomes hidden to them and makes it available for other cleaners in your team who might be free to take it up. 📑

By operating in this manner, our system ensures efficient project distribution among your team members, facilitating a seamless allocation of tasks. However, occasionally, you may wish to send a project or its offer back to a cleaner. Below, you'll find instructions on how to do that.

1️⃣ The first step is to access your account via the Turno website and go to either Projects > Schedule or Projects > List on your dashboard. There, once you click to view a project, you'll see an option saying Available To These Teammates. This is where you will be able to send the offer back to your cleaner.

2️⃣ A card with details will open with two tabs - navigate to the Cannot See This Project tab. Here, you can choose to either Add back if you previously removed the cleaner from the project, or Resend the Offer to a cleaner who initially rejected it.

Clicking Add back or Resend Offer will open an alert saying 'The offer has been sent again.'

Then, refresh your screen and open Available To These Teammates again. You'll see that the card has been updated: your cleaners have now received the offer one more time.

Please note that the option to access the Available To These Teammates tabs is currently exclusive to our website and is not available on the Turno mobile app. ⚠️

✨ Restricting the project to your cleaner 

While the instructions above are the sole method for cleaners who mistakenly reject an offer, an alternative approach exists for cleaners you remove from a project. This involves editing the project and restricting it specifically to the cleaner in question, allowing you to resend them the offer.

Learn project editing basics, including a detailed guide on restricting a project to a desired cleaner, in the article below. ☑️

Here is the flow of restricting a project to a specific cleaner who was removed:

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