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What Are Turno’s Marketplace Badges for Cleaners and How Can I Get Them?
What Are Turno’s Marketplace Badges for Cleaners and How Can I Get Them?

Learn more about the Bonding, Liability Insurance, License, Background Check, and Super Cleaner badges on Turno.

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Our badge system empowers you to showcase the strength of your business by highlighting key credentials like licensing and insurance, giving hosts insights into your credibility and setting you apart in our Marketplace. ✨

🔎 What are the Turno badges for cleaners?

There are 5 marketplace badges in total. The Bonding, Liability Insurance, Background Check, and License badges require you, the cleaner, to initiate an application process to acquire and display them on your Turno profile. The Super Cleaner badge, on the other hand, is automatically granted by our system to a number of select cleaners per area.

After getting approved in the Marketplace, you can apply to acquire four of these five badges. These badges increase your likelihood of having your bids accepted by potential customers. They are visual indicators that your documentation has been verified by the Turno team.

Many customers prefer to hire cleaners with badges because it gives them extra confidence in the cleaners' professionalism.

Screenshot of a cleaner account profile showing the four badges Turno cleaners can acquire.

Please note that cleaners in the US must pass a mandatory Background Check and display the badge to activate their Marketplace profile. The Background Check badge is obligatory for all US states, unlike the optional badges. ⚠️

🔎 How can I apply for a badge?

Go to your Marketplace Profile page and click on Get this badge for the one you would like to apply. Then, on the page in question, you'll see a section that will say Add card for payment to pay for the badge application.

Also, for all other badges aside from the Background Check, you'll see a section to upload the files needed. Once you enter all the information required, select Pay for this Badge to apply.

To apply for the Bonding, Liability Insurance, or License badges, ensure you have the required and complete documents in digital format (PDF file or individual images of all pages). If you lack a digital version, don't hesitate to take pictures or scan the document for upload to Turno. Once you send us your signed document in full, our team will verify and grant you the badge upon confirming its authenticity. 📑

The Bonding Badge 💡

Being bonded offers protection to cleaners in case of unforeseen incidents during their professional work. It involves a bonding company setting aside funds that can be accessed by the customer (host) if they need to file a claim against the cleaner, whether they are an independent contractor or part of a cleaning company. Surety bonds function as formal agreements between a business, a client, and an insurance company. The primary purpose is to ensure clients that they'll be compensated if the business fails to deliver the agreed-upon services, providing peace of mind and financial recourse in case of service-related issues.

In order to obtain this badge, the first step is to contact your insurance carrier and acquire the necessary surety bond document. Please note that only documents with an active bonding policy will be eligible for approval, so make sure your surety bond is current before proceeding with the badge application.

Bonding documents that are approved ✅

  1. Surety bonds

  2. Liability insurance documents that include a bonding policy

Bonding documents that are not approved ❌

  1. Bonding proposals - These documents are not valid because they are only a bonding request or quote.

  2. Liability insurance documents that don't include a bonding policy - these documents do not always include bonding. However, if you have contracted both services with the same company, it's possible to include them in the same contract.

  3. Other documents.

The Liability Insurance Badge 💡

A liability insurance policy gives coverage to protect the insured party from claims arising due to injuries or damages to other individuals or properties. When a cleaner is insured, it enables them to provide refunds to their customers in situations where property damage occurs during their work. Additionally, if the cleaner operates with a team and someone sustains an injury while working, their insurer can also provide financial coverage (if their policy includes worker insurance). This coverage secures peace of mind for the cleaner and their clients, safeguarding against potential financial liabilities resulting from unexpected incidents during their cleaning operations.

To acquire this badge, the initial step is to contact your insurance carrier and obtain the necessary documentation for liability insurance. Please be aware that only documents with an active liability insurance policy will be considered for approval, so make sure your liability insurance is up to date before you apply for this badge.

Liability insurance documents that are approved ✅

  1. Liability Insurance documents that include general liabilities or Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability.

Liability insurance documents that are not approved ❌

  1. Simulation or request documents - in these cases, our team will reject the document and ask for your actual insurance certificate.

  2. Other documentation.

The License Badge 💡

Business licenses are official permits granted by government agencies, authorizing individuals or companies to operate their business activities within the specific geographical jurisdiction governed by the respective government authorities.

To obtain a badge for it, the first step is to contact the local government and acquire your business license document. Please note that only business licenses will be accepted for the License badge, so make sure to secure a valid business license before applying.

License documents that are approved ✅

  1. LLC articles of organization documents

  2. Business/license tax receipts

  3. Business ‘certificate of good standing’

License documents that are not approved ❌

  1. Driver’s licenses

  2. Employer Identification Number (EIN) documents

  3. Doing Business As (DBA) or Fictitious Names documents

  4. Other documentation

The Background Check Badge 💡

A background check is a thorough investigation into the past activities of an individual, including their criminal record, employment history, education, financial records, and more. It is commonly used to assess trustworthiness, suitability for employment, and overall reliability. The purpose of a background check on Turno is to gather a comprehensive overview of the background and character of cleaners who apply to join our marketplace in order to identify potential risks. By doing so, we aim to maintain the marketplace as professional as possible, ensuring that individuals with a history of criminal or concerning behaviors won't be a part of it.

To be granted a background check badge, you will have to fill out all required information in the email you'll receive from Accurate Background right after you apply for the badge, and pass with a clean background.

What makes a background check be approved ✅

Factors such as a clean criminal record, accurate information, positive employment and education history, good credit record, and favorable references increase approval chances.

What makes a background check be rejected ❌

The background checks run by Accurate will verify records from the past 7 to 10 years, depending on the state. Crimes involving drugs, guns, violence, trespassing, and theft will cause you to be rejected.

The Super Cleaner Badge 💡

The Super Cleaner badge is awarded based on a cleaner's performance relative to others in their area, reflecting their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

To be awarded this badge, you must consistently deliver quality services, meet customer expectations, and excel in your work through Turno. It is a mark of trustworthiness and sets you apart from competitors, building client confidence and encouraging improvement.

Another thing that is also affected by keeping a good performance is your access level. Feel free to check the following article to learn more.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding badges:

"I can see you don't provide documents for the Bonding, Liability Insurance, and License badges, but do you have anyone to refer so I can get those documents?"

No. We suggest that you run a search online and look up where to find trusted insurance carriers and the particular governmental agencies near you that can provide the documents for you.

"What happens after I apply for the Bonding, Liability Insurance, and License Badges?"

Our badges team will check the document you submit and verify if it's correct and valid for the current year. Then, if everything is in order, you'll receive the badge.

"When will my badge be approved?"

Once you submit your documents for the Bonding, Liability Insurance, and License badges, or we receive the results from Accurate in regards to your application for the Background Check badge, the team should review them and grant you the badges as soon as possible. Keep in mind that wait times vary and depend on the number of pending documents we are receiving.

"My company has updated my document, do I need to re-upload it?"

No. If you wish to update a document, you would need to apply for a new badge and pay again. However, note that the initially submitted document was only required for verification purposes for the current year, so you don't have to worry about your badge becoming invalid if you don't update it to the new document you received. Your badge will remain valid until the expiration date it was originally approved for.

"For how long does a badge stay active?"

All badges, excluding the Super Cleaner badge, are valid for up to one year. The Super Cleaner badge remains valid until you are surpassed by other cleaners in your area, while the Bonding, Liability Insurance, and License badges last until their attached expiration date or up to a year, and Background Checks also require yearly renewal.

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