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How Can My Contacts Leave References for Me to Join the Marketplace as a Cleaner?
How Can My Contacts Leave References for Me to Join the Marketplace as a Cleaner?

Guide for cleaners to requesting references from your contacts, sending them reminders, and how they can submit references for you

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Receiving references from current or past customers is mandatory to join Turno's Marketplace. Here, you will learn how to request references, how clients submit them, and how to send reminders if needed. 💡

🤞🏼 Requesting references from contacts

The process of requesting references from your contacts begins with accessing your Turno account. Then, click the hamburger icon at the top left of your screen and select 'Find New Customers'.

This will lead you through four application steps: Cleaning Experience, Service Area, Profile, and Work References.

After completing the first three steps, you'll reach the stage where you can request references. Click on the 'Next' button beside it.

Once you reach this point, you will see a screen that will allow you to choose to send requests to your work contacts via email or phone (SMS). After you add their contact information, click on the button saying "Request References" to send them.

📑Note: If you submit a reference's phone number, please note they will merely receive the reference form link via SMS. We do not call them.

❗At least 1 contact is required to leave you a work reference so your application will get sent to be reviewed by our applications team. However, please keep in mind we may ask you to add more. In case we do, make sure you try and add as many references as you can and have them respond.

✍🏼 How can contacts submit references for me?

Your contacts will receive the link to a reference form where they can leave a comment for you as your reference.

In the screenshot below, you can see how the form will appear for them.

Your references are required to confirm two things:

  1. If they are a vacation rental host (or not).

  2. If they currently work with you (or not).

Then, they are asked to star-rate you between 1 and 5.

Lastly, there's a field for them to leave a review about your cleaning services with a minimum of 100 characters and a maximum of 1000 characters.

Once all of this is successfully filled out, they can then click 'Submit References' to send their review for you.

If your contacts encounter issues leaving a reference, it may be because they've exceeded the character limit or didn't meet the minimum.

Alternatively, you can suggest they try to submit the review using Google Chrome, the browser known to work best with Turno. 📌

My contact hasn't replied yet; what do I do? 💭

To remind a contact to leave a reference for you, access the "Find New Customers" page again and click on the button that says "Add More References" that you'll see in the "References" section.

You'll see your submitted contacts on the next page. To send a reminder, click on the icon with two arrows in a circle (🔄) next to the pending reference request.

Then, the system will send that person a new alert. We also recommend you contact your references to let them know that the reference request was submitted by you.

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