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As a Host, What Do I Do After Accepting a Bid?
As a Host, What Do I Do After Accepting a Bid?

Learn more about how to set up your team's newcomers

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When you open a search in the Turno Marketplace, cleaners will send you bids. Once a cleaner's bid is accepted, that cleaner will be added to your team. This will open up some options to set them up in your properties.

What it means to accept a bid

Accepting a bid adds the respective cleaner to your team, and they become your teammates. At this stage, you are free to share more details from your account with the cleaners, since you were unable to do so before accepting their bid. You can do so by adding them to any of your properties (more details below).

By accepting a bid, you are not assigning a cleaner to one cleaning project alone, nor are you being charged in any way.

Enabling cleaners in your properties

Although searches and bids are meant for specific properties, you can add your new cleaner to any properties you list on your account. This can be done by accessing "My Team" and clicking on the cleaner's properties, where you can choose to enable them as primary or backup cleaners:

You can also add teammates from each of your property settings. Access Properties > click the name of the property > Teammates tab, where an "Add teammate to this property" button will allow you to add cleaners to this property:

It is at this step that you can also set cleaners as primary or backup. Here's a guide on this feature:

Having cleaners accept and complete projects

One of the great things about Turno is that our system is designed to minimize your worries. As such, when you have a calendar linked to your property, the reservations scheduled on it will be imported to Turno. Once the reservation is reflected on your Turno schedule, our system will automatically create a cleaning project for it (scheduled by default to happen right after checkout). This project will then be offered to the primary cleaners on the property and if all primary cleaners reject it, the backup cleaners will receive the project.

If your cleaner is unable to see projects from your schedule, there could be a few settings hiding projects from them. Here's a guide that may help you troubleshoot it:

While on the topic of assigning projects to cleaners, by default, cleaners need to accept projects from their end to be assigned. However, you might prefer to add them to projects yourself to bypass this step. Turno offers a feature that enables you to manually assign cleaners to projects, eliminating the need for them to accept. This guide can walk you though manual assignment:

You also have the option to automatically assign a cleaner to all your upcoming projects. When you enable this feature, your preferred cleaner will be automatically assigned to new projects as soon as they're generated, without needing individual acceptance or manual assignment from you. However, if a cleaner can't attend a project they're automatically assigned to, you'll need to manually remove them. Check out the following guide for setting up automatic assignments:

Giving up on a bid you accepted

Accepting a bid can be reverted at any time by removing a cleaner from your team on the "My Team" page by clicking on the trash bin icon. By doing so, that cleaner will no longer be able to accept or be assigned to your projects, and their chat history with you will also be erased. Essentially, you won't be able to contact each other directly through the app anymore. This action also acts as a block, as cleaners removed this way will not be notified of any new searches you open in their area.

We also have a short guide regarding the process of disconnecting from a cleaner. You can check it here:

In case you disconnect from a cleaner by mistake, please contact our support team and we'll help you to re-add them 😉

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